Dog Dogs: A Dog Blog Exclusively About Dogs

In trying to come up with a blog for dog owners and their dogs, the hardest decision I had to make was choosing a title that truly expressed the overall theme of this blog. After much brainstorming involving five cups of coffee in a period of four hours and two consecutive viewings of the Oscar-snubbed film Air Bud, I came up with “Dog Dogs”. It doesn’t get more dog-related than that, I don’t think, and it almost sounds like it could be the name of the purest dog breed on Earth.

Why Write a Blog About Dogs?

I’m a dog owner in Chicago myself, and that is both a curse and a blessing, considering I love my border collie/black lab mix when I’m home and he’s relevant in my life, but when I’m away at work it’s always just a distraction knowing that he’s alone with nothing but his dog thoughts—possibly consisting of megalomaniacal world domination—to occupy him. Thankfully, the best dog walkers in Chicago keep him from going totally psychotic throughout the day by taking him for strolls around the neighborhood, which makes being a dog owner—and possibly being a dog—a bit easier.

Dogs are Awesome and Funny

One of the best things about dogs is that they’re both funny and awesome. You can laugh at dogs and remain guilt-free because they’re awesome at the same time, and they seem to know it very well. But why are dogs awesome? Even if you have a dog with an under bite or a dog that walks funny, you’ll still find that the dog doesn’t care because it is inherently awesome no matter what, and I think this little musical documentary by Wevie Stonder about the awesomeness of small dogs perfectly displays the reason:

And if you don’t like small dogs, this other brief educational video about large dogs offers another perspective of the canine species. Who knew that dogs were originally bees, and that they ruled the world for 60 million years? I certainly didn’t. The more you know…

The Best Dog Blog

Whether you have small dogs, large dogs, dogs with under bites, or a dog that walks funny, you’ll be able to find some helpful tips and general information about different breeds of dogs here. I’m sure if your dogs could read they would find this blog mostly accurate regarding what it takes to maintain their overall health and happiness, but then if they could read they might be able to help me write this thing, or even write it themselves and remove me as a middle man. All they’d need to do is evolve opposable thumbs and they’d be all set.

Thanks for visiting and welcome to Dog Dogs, the blog only about dogs, and nothing else!